Saturday, December 24, 2011

Havaianas in Brazil

During my 2 week visit here in Brazil, I've come across many inspiring things.  One of them being the obsession with Havaiana's.  Local's have told me these poplar and now expensive flip flops use to be the shoe of choice for members of the working class like maids for example.  More recently they went through some major re-branding and became attractive to those in the US, being sold at high end retailers such as Nordstrom and other department stores as well as high end boutiques like Kitson on Robertson Blvd.  
I got the chance to visit a couple of the local stores here in Sao Paulo which were both completely packed with people.  Havaiana's have become such a huge deal not just in Brazil, but wold wide.  Definitely picking up a couple pairs for myself as well as a couple gifts.  My favorites are the thin strap ith the new gold foil logo! 
 Store front in one of the biggest malls in Sao Paulo
Cute window displays

You can even design your own style with mix and match body's and straps

One of their newer styles

Feliz Natal!

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