Monday, October 4, 2010

H&M Street Style

SPOTTED Street Style...Love his outfit of the day.  Found Steven a shopper at So Coast Plaza while looking for male looks for Sunday's shoot with Michael Shank.


  1. haha, thx for the spot on your blog! Those are actually khakis from Target that i tailored myself to make them tapered at the ankle lol! i love the baggy/tapered look. the cardi's from H&M, tank from Anchor Blue, watch from Swatch, and the the hat is from the H&M chick section (cause all the dude hats are way too big for my lil head) lol! im not a big spendor when it comes to fashion, but i try to make it work =)

  2. oh yeah, i almost forgot my favorite part, the fresh Optical White hightop Chuckies! cant go wrong with those!