Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So I can't share the source of where I'm going to be buying these, but I just found a site to buy Louboutin's for way less! (Sorry guys can't share my secret or there won't be any left! lol) The first pair I currently have, my boyfriend spoiled me.  He took me to the Christian Louboutin store at South Coast Plaza where I got to enjoy the whole experience.  I tried on almost every pair they had in the store (in my size that is) and still went with the simple, black, patent, peep-toe pump.  So, for my second and maybe third pair I'm going to go the discount route and get some wild Louboutins! ;) Help me decide which pair to get next! 


  1. I personally would go for one wild pair, and one pair that you can wear anytime with anything!

  2. So then the nude and.... I can't make up my mind! AHHHHH! I want them all... lol