Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Style Inspiration

So many things catching my eye lately... Mostly the odd and hard to find.  Here some of my inspiration pics of the type of thing I'm always on the hunt for.  The weird, the odd, the different... The editorial
 Love her colored fur!
 Amazing, sequined, leg-o-mutton sleeved jacket
 Love the shoulders on this body suit
 Great way to tie your scarf as a turban
 Love the use of pink and black together, the old British police hat, and growing fond of the use of hair as texture and embellishment on garments! In the process of a DIY hair, statement piece as we speak.
 First of all I love Karli Kloss.  Second of all I love the shape of the dress on the left.
 Love the top right pic.  The dress has amazing texture and love the hat with the airplane.

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