Sunday, March 25, 2012

Style Fashion Week - Day One Ina Soltani

 A little Christian to start off the week.  Anxiously awaiting the next show, cocktail in hand.

 Leather bermuda shorts, yes please!! I need these for spring ASAP.  They can rock up any outfit.  I would wear them with a mint green blouse, buttoned all the way up and a gold collar necklace.

Desiree and I backstage after the show.  fShe is one of the key makeup artists for the entire week at Style Fashion Week.  Work it girl!

Ina's show was full of leather and I love me some leather.  The leather romper was to die for.  I don't think I've ever seen a leather romper and it was definitely fab! I like the fact that Ina incorporated a few different unique groups in her collection but I thought it also made the flow of the show a little awkward.  I like that she used color in her show but the fact that it was only for a few garments didn't make sense.  I could definitely see a few of these pieces in an editorial and would love to work with Ina in the future! 

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